MN Independence Day

Urin dulaan tsag urd delxiig eej taitai saixan uriral irej baina. Texeer mon Mongol uls tunhaglasan odriig toxiolduulan Melbourned baigaa Mongolchuud bolon Mongoliig demjideg xymyys daxin neg tsuglarax enexyy taatai moch ashiglan bidnii xed “Mongolian Independence Day- Mini Festival Dec 1st and 2nd” zohion baiguulaj baina. Ta byxeniig enxyy yil ajilgaand durtaija oroltsono gedegt naidajj baina.

> Otga 0400-079-240
> Saatia 0434-539-715

Mongolian Independence Day Mini Festival – Dec 1st, 2nd.

> The main objective of the gathering is to bring together Mongolians
> and friends in an open space for the exchange of ideas, information
> and all that is Mongolia.
> Entry fee is $20 per person. This will cover our set-up costs for a
> fun and relaxing weekend. Remember this is a nonprofit event so
> whatever money we have leftover will help put a smile on the faces of
> children at
> some of the orphanages in Ulaanbaator, Mongolia’s capital city. The
> more people attending means the more smiles we can give. Money CAN
> buy happiness -)
> When: This weekend, December 1st and 2nd
> Location: Fernbank, Gippsland, a beautiful three-hour drive from Melbourne.
> Fun things to expect:
> Outdoor cinema, so bring your blanket and snacks.
> Traditional Mongolian food. Those who wish to learn how to cook are
> welcome to help. Those who wish to watch, can sit, chat and smell the
> aromas of Mongolia. Those who wish to eat, can add a few cents or
> dollars (as you wish) to the tinny. So please bring some coins and
> small notes because if you don’t you won’t get change – which means more
> smiles for the children of Mongolia -)
> There will a small boat, a canoe and a kayak for all to use anytime, day
> or night. (If you have a life jacket or know where we can borrow some,
> we would love to hear from you!)
> You can swim and fish in the lake, but we do not recommend you to
> drink the water so please bring enough drinking water for two days.
> There are plenty of fish and muddy mussels in the lake. The are also wild
> black swans and white geese with their little ones paddling behind.
> (Not for eating!)
> There will be a bar in a traditional Mongolian ger with exotic drinks
> and cocktails to quench your thirst.
> In the evening, DJs Jos and Mittons will be mixing Mongolian tunes for
> you to get down
> and boogie to. Let’s see what the Mongolians think of it!
> There’s also the possibility of a fun and funky band playing, but yet
> to confirm.
> A Mongolian ger (nomadic felt tent) will be set up early Saturday
> morning. Anyone who would like to watch or help should be at the site
> at around 8 am.
> You are welcome to camp anywhere around the lake.  Please bring enough
> food and water for 2 days.   And don’t forget to bring your torch,
> insect repellent, and bathers.
> And finally, directions to the site in Fernbank:
> From Melbourne get on the Princes Highway (M1) and head towards
> Sale and Bairnsdale. From Traralgon, the Princes Highway becomes the A1. Stay
> on the Princes Highway and keep heading towards Bairnsdale. Turn off
> the highway to the left,
> 6 km after the big “wildlife art” sign, onto Dargo (look for the
> green sign on your left-hand side). Head towards Fernbank (a white sign
> on your right-hand side), follow Dargo Road for 10 km (when you go over
> the railway tracks, you’ll pass Fernbank town centre, keep following
> the road, do not turn), then turn left onto Honeysuckle Road and
> follow it for 2.5 km. The
> site is located at the end of Honeysuckle Road. From the highway turn
> off, then look for a blue silk scarf for each turn to the site. The
> blue
> scarf symbolizes “welcome” in Mongolia.
> We hope to see you and your friends this Saturday and Sunday.  Please
> feel free to contact us if you need a lift.
> Otga 0400-079-240
> Saatia 0434-539-715

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